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2011 Miss Lights of the Delta:  Ashley Walthall


2011 Lights of the Delta's Outstanding Teen:  Bailey Moses



2011 Lights of the Delta's Outstanding Teen Pageant Entry Information

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2011 Miss Lights of the Delta:  Ashley Walthall

2011 Miss Lights of the Delta's Outstanding Teen:  Bailey Moses

2011 Miss NEA:  Somer Allen

2011 Miss NEA's Outstanding Teen:  Courtney Welsh



Welcome to the page where you can get all the information and forms required to enter the Lights of the Delta Outstanding Teen Pageant. The Lights of the Delta Outstanding Teen pageant is an open pageant that is open to any eligible young lady who lives, works, or attends school in Arkansas.  This year's pageant will again be held at the Blytheville High School Auditorium.


ENTRY DEADLINE:  Wednesday, November 17th, 2010



Be sure and follow the steps below. We strongly encourage you to follow the instructions found on the Miss Teen Arkansas website to the letter.  The documents listed below are required in addition to those found at the Miss Teen Arkansas website.

Documents required to enter the 2011 Lights of the Delta's Outstanding Teen Pageant.


Pageant Details Letter You may print this letter for your information but does not need to be part of your entry packet.
Cover Sheet Found on our website
Check list Found on our website
Queen's Intent Contract Found on our website

Titleholder Release (if applicable)
Miss Teen Arkansas Website:  Any forms not on our website may be found here.


To enter the pageant, you MUST do the Following:

Print a copy of the letter outlining pageant details and the information cover sheet located above.  This letter is for your reference and does not need to accompany your paperwork.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms. This program can be obtained free at this link. You may go there and download the forms or download them from our site.  You may also open the documents and type your information directly into the form. Follow the instructions appropriate to your choice. Adobe Acrobat will also allow you to save completed forms; however, Adobe Reader will not.  The Miss Northeast Arkansas Pageant Association does not require, nor do we endorse your purchase of these products in order to use the features of these forms.

To download these documents: Right-click on the link and select Save Target As and save it to your local computer.
To type directly into the form: Open the document by left-clicking on the link. Type your information in the form. Tab to navigate through the document. If you are using Acrobat Reader, you will not be able to save the form with the changes, so be sure and completely fill out the document and print it before you close the file.
To print a blank form: Left-click on the link to open the document and select Print.

1. Read the State and Local Contestant Contract, make sure you qualify, sign, date, and notarize this form (This form is found at the Miss Teen Arkansas Website.)  You may submit a contract used in another pageant this year (August 2009 to now).  Also, include required verification.  Read, sign, and notarize the Contestant Release and Indemnity Agreement.  (Found on Miss Teen Arkansas Website.)


2. Complete an Official Resume and Platform Issue. (Found at Miss Teen Arkansas Website)  Be sure to be specific in filling out these forms as this is what the judges will be referring to during your interview.  These must be typed in the computer, not handwritten.  SPECIAL NOTE:  IN YOUR RESUME UNDER THE FOLLOWING 3 ENTRIES - MARKETING PLAN, LEGACY, WHY I SHOULD BE AMERICA'S OUTSTANDING TEEN - YOU ARE TO WRITE ABOUT MISS LIGHTS OF THE DELTA TEEN.  Keep these simple and limit to 1 or 2 sentences.  Use your space on that page for Accomplishments, Interesting Facts - you should include clubs you belong to, church organizations, travels, hobbies, sports.  ALSO ELIMINATE THE LINE AFTER NAME THAT SAYS TITLE.


3. Secure a business concern to sponsor you in the pageant. They will get advertising for the sponsorship; you need to get a check from them for $100 payable to the Northeast Arkansas Scholarship Pageant.

4. Enclose a portrait picture of you. WAIST UP, OR HEAD AND SHOULDERS (billfold size or larger) to be reproduced in the program.   It may be color or black & white.  The picture in the program will be in color if that is what you send in.  It will be returned to you.

5. Copy of Birth Certificate - will be returned to you

6. Latest School Transcript - 7th, 8th grade only may submit Report Card if transcript is not available, it will be returned to you.


7. Release signed by current ED if you are a title holder. (found on our website)


8. Queen's Intent Contract (found on our website).  This cannot be filled on the computer, you print it off and do it by hand.  This confirms that you understand Lights is not just a crown but that the titleholder will be involved in activities and events.


9. Cover Sheet (found on our website).  This cannot be filled by computer, print off, and fill by hand.


All the above should be mailed to address found in entry letter by the deadline - November 19th.  Please email me that you are working on your forms so that I will be expecting them.