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2011 Miss Lights of the Delta:  Ashley Walthall


2011 Lights of the Delta's Outstanding Teen:  Bailey Moses



2011 Miss Lights of the Delta Pageant Entry Information

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2011 Miss Lights of the Delta:  Ashley Walthall

2011 Miss Lights of the Delta's Outstanding Teen:  Bailey Moses

2011 Miss NEA:  Somer Allen

2011 Miss NEA's Outstanding Teen:  Courtney Welsh



Welcome to the page where you can get all the information and forms required to enter the Miss Lights of the Delta Pageant. The Miss Lights of the Delta pageant is an open pageant that is open to any eligible young lady who lives, works, or attends school in Arkansas.  This year's pageant will again be held at the Blytheville High School Auditorium.




Please click on the hyperlinks below to download or view the documents. Be sure and follow the steps below.


Documents needed to enter the 2011 Miss Northeast Arkansas Pageant.


Pageant Entry Letter

Information Cover Sheet

Pageant Checklist
Queen's Contract Intention Form
Titleholder Release




Miss Arkansas Pageant Association documents required to enter the Miss NEA Pageant.


Contract (Form 4)
Resume (Form 1)- This form is located on the Miss Arkansas Website.  Please go there to obtain this form.
Platform (Form 2)
Release (Form 5)

1. Print a copy of the check list above to help you assure you have everything together to send.

2. Read the Official Rules and Regulations and Entry Contract, make sure you qualify, sign, date, and return this form.  We only need through page 17.  You do not need to fill out all the attachments.


All required forms are linked above or can be found on the Miss Arkansas Website. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms. This program can be obtained free at this link. You may go there and download the forms or download them from our site.  You may also open the documents and type your information directly into the form. Follow the instructions appropriate to your choice. Adobe Acrobat will also allow you to save completed forms; however, Adobe Reader will not.  The Miss Northeast Arkansas Pageant Association does not require, nor do we endorse your purchase of these products in order to use the features of these forms.

To download these documents: Right-click on the link and select Save Target As and save it to your local computer.
To type directly into the form: Open the document by left-clicking on the link. Type your information in the form. Tab to navigate through the document. If you are using Acrobat Reader, you will not be able to save the form with the changes, so be sure and completely fill out the document and print it before you close the file.
To print a blank form: Left-click on the link to open the document and select Print.

3. Fill out the Official Resume Form, SIGN AND RETURN.  Be sure and be specific in filling out this form, as this is what the judges will be referring to during your interview.  TYPING is strongly recommended.

4. Secure a business concern to sponsor you in the pageant. They will get advertising for the sponsorship, and you will need to get a check from them for $100.00 payable to the Miss Northeast Arkansas Pageant. DO NOT SEND YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHECK.

5. Enclose a portrait picture of you. WAIST UP, OR HEAD AND SHOULDERS to be reproduced in the program. It will be returned to you.

6. Copy of Birth Certificate

7. Latest school transcript

8. Indemnity Release

9. Proof of Eligible Residency &/or School Attendance - 2 proofs of residency (if eligible by residence) or enrollment verification if eligible by school attending.


10.  Platform


11.   Queen's Contract Intention Form (found on our website above.)


12.  Cover Sheet (found on our website)


13.  Confirmation of $100 raised for the Children’s Miracle Network, Miss America’s National Platform.  You must set up a web account at .  At the website go to the “New Contestants” link.  This will not have to be turned in until a week prior to the pageant, but you must be registered prior to rehearsal.  You should send your other forms earlier.


14.  Reigning Titleholder Release (if applicable)